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No more complex network settings

Quick and Easy Setupez 1

Compared with traditional setup of IP products, EaZy Networking technology helps
you to complete set up in only 3 steps. You don’t need to know anything about IP,
nor do you need to do port forwarding in the router. All you need to do is power up
the device and connect it to the DHCP router, and presto, you’re finished with the
setup—as if by magic.


Able to Work in most Internet Environments

Devices supporting EaZy Networking work with dynamic IP and virtual IP alike. On the other hand, non-EaZy networking AVTECH IP Cameras, with built-in free DDNS, work with dynamic IP only.


EZ 2Health check design plus Active Push Message Notification on Smart Phone

EaZy Networking Server will send you a push message when the EaZy device is
abnormally disconnected becasuse of a blackout or something,and another when
the power comes back on. As a result, you can make sure surveillance works


Buddy up!Share with EaZy!

With a few steps, you can share video images from any EaZy device to your families, friends or customers.
You can also assign different user level and connection time for each account for management.
Not only share images, but also share your data allowance to them. Learn more…

You Will Need…


We highly recommend your Internet connection
reach at least 256kbps uploads speed.
EaZy Networking needs to work with a
DHCP router to get an IP address and
connect to theInternet.If you are using
a modem that connects to the Internet
with PPPOE or static IP, first you need
to log in and connect the device to the

Download the latest version of EagleEyes
on your smart phone or tablet with iOS or
Android, and follow the simple instructions
to complete the settings. For PC users, you
will need to log in to our server portal, which
is coming soon, to use EaZy Networking

Data PlanFrequently Asked Question
Data Plan is the bandwidth you’re allowed, not the storage on cloud. For example, a ten-minute connection at the speed of 256kpbs will consume about 18MB bandwidth. For promotion, AVTECH will provide 500MB data allowance (approx. 260 minutes). EaZy Networking devices are provided with free data transfer, which will expire 6 months after the camera is added to the cloud server. To continue the service, users need to subscribe to a data plan from AVTECH, but we suggest you configure the network settings for peer to peer connection after this free 500MB EaZy Networking connection data plan is finished


Q: What are the advantages of connecting my camera to the Internet by using EaZy Networking?

  1. EaZy Networking greatly simplifies network configurations. Only plug and play and everything is done.
  2. When the camera is abnormally disconnected and when the connection is restored, you’ll get a push message on your mobile device.
  3. The default user name and password of the camera can also be used for your cloud service.

Q: What are the limitations when the camera is connected to the Internet by using EaZy Networking?

  1. The IPS is 10 IPS.
  2. The live video quality is limited to QVGA.
  3. The timeliness of Push Video notifications can’t compare with that of traditional P2P connection.

With EaZy Networking, it will take more time to transmit videos and Push Video signals, due to its way of trnamission being more complex. The limitations on time and IPS could be obviated, and you won’t be charged for any data allowance when device access is made by LAN, or port forwarding is made for the camera. If such limitations hinder your connection, it’s advised that using tranditional way to connect the device to internet . For more Internet Setup, please click here.


Q: Will my private information be safe with EaZy Networking?

All videos and information will be encrypted through https and SSL before they are transmitted from cameras to our service platform server.


Q: How many IP devices can an EaZy Networking account be used for?

There’s no limit.


Q: Is it possible that one cloud account chould be logged in on multiple devices simaultaneously?

Yes, and there’s no client count limit.


Q: Does the computer need to be always on?

No. Once the setup is successful, EaZy Networking devices can work with Cloud Server even when the computer is shut down.


Q: Is it possible that I can share my cloud device to multiple cloud accounts?

Yes, and there’s no client count limit.


Q: How to change the password for my cloud account?

In the EagleEyes address book, go to “Setting” -> “Detail” -> “Account Information” -> “Modify” -> “Change Password”.


Q: Is it possible that I can customize the time for live view?

Yes. Please go to “Setting” -> “Detail” -> “Available Data Allowance” -> “Connection limit time”, and the time is ranged from 1 minute to unlimited.


Q: In addition to Push Video, I also configure E-mail and FTP notifications to notify me of an event. Will these two notification methods consume my data allowance?

No. Because these two methods are not worked with the cloud server, no data allowance will be consumed.



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