Smart Recording


Fast and precise detection with human
detectors or external alarm devices

E.T.S is the abbreviation for Event Trigger System, which is a new notification system that brings faster and more precise detection with the help of human detectors or external alarm devices. It is self-evident that the false alarm rate of the system simply using motion detection is relatively high, compared with E.T.S, and it causes a waste of HDD capacity. AVTECH knows your demands and launches E.T.S series NVRs and IP Cameras to make surveillance more accurate and efficient.




  Three ways to trigger high-resolution recording:
  1.   Externalalarm (Accurate; need to work with ETS camera)
  2.   Built-in human detection sensor (Accurate)
  3.   Motion (Less accurate)


Effectively saves HDD capacity

features smartrec


ets pic 02


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