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Advanced Smart Light Control0

When an object is close to the camera during night time, Solid
Light will sense it and automatically control the amount of light
to avoid over-exposure.
Its precise sensing technology is also useful to turn on/ off LEDs
under a definable illuminance, allowing users to decide the timing
of turning the image from color to black & white.



Adjustable Viewing Angle Brightness

With innovative reflection technology, Solid Light is able to produce uniform brightness on the whole image, unlike traditional infrared which focuses its light only on the central part. Therefore, you can get a suitable and uniform brightness in a wide-angle view, and a strong, long-reach light with a long focal length (narrow view).


Longer LED Lifetime

Solid Light applies special circuit design to avoid overheat and uses a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED more quickly. Therefore, it successfully reduces heat problem, which is the main reason why LEDs are getting weaker year after year. LED lifetime can last for 3 years with Solid Light design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the reason that makes the life of Solid Light LED last longer?

The life of LED is mainly influenced by its temperature, so whether the heat can be dissipated efficiently would be the key point. Due to a special inner design for dissipating heat, it would let the camera dissipating heat much faster than traditional LED. In addition, the related electronic materials of Solid Light are specially selected, it could let the life of LED last longer.


Q: I think my camera switch to the night mode too early. Is there any way to adjust the switch timing?

The IR turn-on level can be changed in the advanced config. The default value of IR turn-on level is 3. If you want the camera to turn IR LEDs on at darker environments, you can try to change the IR turn-on level to a lower value, such as 2 or 1.


Q: Can the Solid Light devices adjust the IR effect at night to improve the night image quality and IR effective distance?

Most Solid Light devices can improve their night image quality and IR effective distance by change two configurations in advanced config: A. “IR enhanced” mode: the default value is off, when it’s turned on, it would enhance the IR current to improve the night image quality(lower noise). However, the higher the IR current is, the higher the LED temperature would be. Then, the life of LED must be influenced. Therefore, we would recommend you use the function only when necessary such as the environment without any light. B. “Shutter speed”: the default value is auto, and you can turn it to slower value to improve the exposure effect (e.g. the slowest speed can be set at 1/6). But the side effect is that the image fluency would be influenced.




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